Who We Are

Two storytellers with a passion for discovery, through travel, culture, art, and people.

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Christopher "Chris" Sibley & Andrew "Drew" Van Wyk began their collaboration in 2014 after grinding through grad school and navigating both coastal and mountain trails backpacking through California.  They've produced short films, music videos, commercials, photography, written word, 360 degree video content, advertisements, and countless other creative works together. Their passion has evolved and their goals have expanded. Their vision is nothing short of redefining how we look at art and who we consider artists; their belief is that there is an artist within each and every person, and that we all have a story to tell.  

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christopher sibley

Christopher Sibley exudes a laid-back attitude paired with the determination of a post-modern urban cowboy. Raised in West Texas yet trained in his craft alongside the best filmmakers of our day, Sibley is cool under fire. Co-founder of two video production companies—including one of the first to leverage drones for aerial cinematography—Sibley is medium agnostic, focusing on innovative storytelling and new media technology.   

He has independently produced and directed commercials, documentaries, music videos, indie shorts, web shorts, VR/AR content, and interactive media projects. His clients include known media moguls (e.g. Casey Affleck, Michael Shamberg); cutting-edge tech companies (e.g. Leap Motion); governmental organizations (e.g. Texas Tourism board); international brands (e.g. Titos Vodka, Create Advertising; SONY); mainstream news outlets (e.g. USA Today, PBS); and non-profit social impact companies (e.g. The Austin Symphony, Angari which leads science expeditions to save our oceans).  

Social and political activism are near and dear to Sibley’s heart; he has documented the Transpecos Pipeline and provided event coverage to politician Beto O’Rourke in the 2018 Texas Senate race. As an established mediaphile, Sibley’s work has been praised by the Hollywood Reporter and LA Times, and his short films have aired at Cannes, the Hollywood International Shorts Film Festival, VRNow Con Awards (Berlin, Germany), and the Asia New Media Festival Festival (Shenzhen, China).

In 2017, Sibley won the Dan O’Bannon Filmmaker Award for a script he co-wrote and was recognized by the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) for his award-winning cinematography. Sibley received a masters in Film Production from the University of Southern California’s prestigious Peter Stark Program, and is currently the resident filmmaker for Studios at Fischer.


Andrew Van Wyk

Andrew Van Wyk is a film executive, writer, producer, and photographer living in LA, who seems to never spend time in LA.  Escaping the city for mountains, this laid-back hippie trades his office for a tent and is always willing to sacrifice sleep for experience.  His love of stories comes from a good midwestern upbringing that combined time spent in libraries, nature, and traveling the country with his pilot father.  Wearing many hats and often switching titles, Van Wyk is a storyteller at his core.

Prior to becoming a Creative Executive at River Road Entertainment where he is tasked with building a development slate, Van Wyk worked at Amblin Partners in the Story Department, overseeing a staff of readers and organizing incoming submissions and coverage.  During this same time period, he was a consultant and juror for the inaugural LA Fashion Film Festival aiding in the selection of films and structure of events, and a keynote speaker at both the Asia New Media Festival and VR Con in Berlin addressing topics of developing content for Virtual and Mixed Reality.  

Van Wyk cut his teeth traveling the globe and working alongside Chopard Award-winning actor Kevin Zegers, and Academy Award-nominated actor Djimon Hounsou.  During his work with Mr. Hounsou, Van Wyk co-founded Somnium Entertainment where he forged international partnerships and spearheaded the development of a slate of feature projects, the first of which was the international documentary - Freedom Peak.  

In the midst of these roles, Van Wyk has continued pursuing his love of documentaries, writing and producing short-form content for the Mental Health Association and artists such as Shepard Fairy and John Van Hamersveld.  As a writer, he has garnered Addy and Telly Awards for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies with his copy, ghost-written articles published in major online media (Huffington Post, CNN), penned speeches delivered before Congress and the United Nations, and was the recent recipient of the Dan O’Bannon Award for an innovative sci-fi script.  As a producer, he has worked with clients ranging from Chevrolet to the American Cancer Society. An always in demand consultant, Van Wyk has been a reader for Dan Halsted’s Manage-ment and Amblin Entertainment, as well as countless aspiring writers and directors looking to further hone their scripts.

When not in front of the computer writing, on set producing, or in the office developing stories to inch towards production, you can find Van Wyk traveling the globe finding inspiration or telling stories with a single still photo with work now in demand for brand development for companies looking to tell their own stories in innovative ways.